Susan White, CEO

Goal-focused and task-oriented, Susan White serves as President and CEO. Joining our team in 2017, Susan brings years of experience running small to mid-sized businesses. White is responsible for the day-to-day operations at Atlas, focusing on increasing efficiencies, production, and throughput; providing operational oversight in every department; and planning and executing strategic goals.

Ken Prigodich, President

As a second-generation owner of Atlas Stamping and Manufacturing, Ken brings 30 years of experience in business management, production, and quality to his role as President. He oversees the daily operations of the company while focusing on customer and supplier relationships. Ken is committed to Atlas’ mission to build strong partnerships with our customers that provide high quality, affordable, precision metal stamping solutions to the civilian and military aerospace markets, and other commercial industries.

Carlos Gonzalez, Executive Vice President

A thirty-year veteran of the Connecticut Aerospace industry, Carlos manages the production, engineering, and tooling capabilities of Atlas Stamping and Manufacturing. He has extensive experience in managing projects from initial prototype to high volume production. Carlos leads the production team – from engineering, to tooling design, through production – to ensure the reliability, quality, and on-time delivery that Atlas’ customers demand.

Daniel Heneghan, Director of Marketing

Daniel brings his keen eye and creative talents to the Atlas team. Focused on meeting the customer needs every step of the way, Daniel ensures the Atlas team has what they require to provide the highest quality of service and products to the customers.

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